Bad Posture in Children

Posture is an important aspect of optimal health. Posture habits are formed during the years of growth and development. Posture both impacts and is impacted by the way you walk, sit and perform physical and athletic movements. The early development of poor posture habits can have long-term effects on a person, including chronic discomfort and disability. This is why it is important to help your child develop good posture habits throughout her growing years.

Bad Posture in Children

Good Posture  

Good posture is the alignment of bones and joints in the back, legs and arms. To practice good posture, suggests, "Using various body parts as references, imagine having an imaginary plumb line that comes just behind the ear, the shoulder, the hips, the knees and [foot bone]." Good posture also plays a role in a child's mental and social aspects of life. John Wesley in states, "By practicing good posture, you'll automatically feel more confident...You'll make a positive impression on others and instantly feel more alert and empowered." A child with good posture will have three natural curves down the back, starting inward at the neck before moving outward at the upper back and then gradually inward again at the lower back.

Causes of Bad Posture

Poor posture in children is caused by constantly pulling the shoulders forward and down or sitting in a slouched position for a long period of time. Poor shoe support, stiff or uncomfortable beds, a poor diet, poor sleeping habits and a sedentary lifestyle can also influence your child's posture. Obesity is a common cause of poor posture as additional weight adds strain to your child's small bone structure. You can identify a child with bad posture by his droopy shoulders or his forward-tilted head, which causes the upper part of the neck to slightly protrude out from the body.

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[Source, Alexis Kragenbrink Jenkins, Jun 14, 2011]



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